The Collective Disease Of Humanity

by Execrate

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released June 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Execrate Wellington, New Zealand

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Track Name: Disinformer

A sea of information
Contaminated waste
Opinions and beliefs

Human race late comeback in the game
Global controllers scrambling to contain
An agenda on the verge of complete Disclosure
Last ditch attempt to pull the wool right over

Paid to write, lies and deceit
Agents of the elite
Discredit those who come to close

Twisted truth, distorted facts
Deceptive news, sensory attack
Discerningly approach with care
Track Name: Malicious Compliance
Malicious Compliance

Deny the oppressor the reigns of control
Take back the power you own and you hold
Desire for freedom that smolders inside
Yearning for balance, the changing of tide

Cells without bars, a prison you cant see
feelings of repression surface for release
Tyrants losing grip on the race they call their slaves
Global mass awakening, the planet we will save

Malicious compliance appear to conform
Under the radar detection is slim
Gathering numbers momentum is gained
Global agenda is tattered and frayed

Society crumbles, chaos descends
leaders will fall humans transcend
Control is dissolved, power changed hands
Out of the ashes a new paradigm stands

A vision of one, One as a whole
One as a conscious cosmic collective
Focused intention creates with free will
Balanced acceptance and love for existence

Secrecy, privacy, lies and deceit
Humanity learns lessons never to repeat

Malicious compliance a revolt they cant see
Covert defiance a secret defeat
Track Name: Women And Alcohol
Women and Alcohol

What is this creature
Of fury and rage
Devoid of reason
Obsessed and depraved

Talking in tongues
Stalking her prey
Leeching attention
Mental decay

Women and Alcohol
Broken glass
Blood and vomit
Women and alcohol
Clenched fists
Legs open wide

No recollection
Of memories from the night before
Inebriated madness
Horror hangover

Your attack
is a defense
Of your
Inner conflict

Women and Alcohol
Broken glass
Blood and vomit
Women and alcohol
Clenched fists
Legs open wide
Track Name: Un-Natural Disaster
Un-natural Disaster

February 22nd 2011
Terror was unleashed upon Christchurch New Zealand
6.3 Earthquake 5k deep
City's structures weakened from September 4th's shake

Dark are the shadows concealing the truth
Bright is the light that is seeking the proof
Events that transpired in the wake of the chaos
The dots are connecting and forming a picture

Strange clouds in the sky
Chem-trails crisscrossing
Inverted rainbows witnessed
Signatures of H.A.A.R.P

9 members of U.S. congress
Left New Zealand hours before
Defense force conducting exercises
1500 soldiers and 400 doctors

Un-natural Disaster

Deputy of F.E.M.A and a global response team
Here on separate business, coincidence I doubt it
Primeminister John Key a major shareholder
In the federal reserve, and builderberg member?

Insider knowledge, eyewitness accounts
Seismic terrorism, the evidence mounts
185 dead
Liquefaction, suburbs zoned red

Un-natural Disaster
Track Name: Scrapmetal Invasion
Scrapmetal Invasion

Sharp as an axe, precision and steel
Striking with force, Metal that's real
Army of old-school Metaller's unite
Defending our heritage, stand up and fight

A new age of shameful aural atrocity
Generic abysmal contaminating plague
Distasteful, disgraceful, they call themselves elite
Decades of tradition now stand right in their face

Scrapmetal Invasion
Abhorrent Perversion

Craftsmanship is lost
Monotonic drone
Devoid of creativity

Impressionable kids
New upon the scene
Introduced to counterfeit
Subjects of disease

Artistically flat and painfully cliche
Staunchly insecure, armored egos take the stage
Too scared to risk an original sound
For fear of rejection, judgment and pride

Veterans of steel turn in their graves
Their teachings violated their values decayed
Under-ground is that which it states
Never commercial, and never for fame
Track Name: Critical Mass
Critical Mass

Free from the circus of lies
Observing the world through a crystalline eye
Creating with a free mind
Wrestled from the grips of a corrupt society

Fear, a tool for control
Begging for protection to the source from which it came
Suppression of thought, oppression of race
Sedated and poisoned perception displaced

Waking the unconscious mind
United as one we shall rise
Together we bring in the new paradigm
Critical Mass

Global powers dissolved
Collectively focused on the same objective
Transcending all that's material
Reaching a heightened vibrational level

Awakening to a new dawn
The birthing of a new reality manifests
Evolutionary shift
Consciously connected to all that exists
Track Name: Last Of The True
Last Of The True

Still standing strong, we've weathered the storms
Untarnished by corrosion of time
Foundations of steel, bearing the load
Of a scene that is losing its way

Last of the true - The tireless eternal
Last of the true - Trends come and go
Last of the true - An honor to metal
Last of the true.

Fashion and status have displaced the music
Ego hierarchical games
New genres are brought to the table
And force-fed like commercial trends

Stand your ground - An invasions taking place
Don't back down - A monument of steel
Speak the truth - But read between the lines
Bang your head and raise your fist

Shut your fucken mouth and open your ears
Maybe you might open your mind
Where music comes first, second to none
And respect is a trust that is gained

Last of the true - The tireless eternal
Last of the true - Trends come and go
Last of the true - An honor to metal
Last of the true.

Songs with a , a message, purpose, a feeling
Awakening the listeners brain
Dig deep to the roots of our fathers who forged
The sound that's continued today
Track Name: The Collective Disease Of Humanity (The Ego)
The Collective Disease Of Humanity

Hypnotized by the world of form
lost within our own creation
So consumed by time we have forgotten
Eternity, our home, our destiny

Knowledge without a drop of wisdom
We plunge head-long toward complete destruction
Ruled by thought, games of the ego
Oblivious to our narrow perception

Evolve or die
It's time to decide
Ignorance thrives in the unconscious mind
Egoic state of total control
The collective disease of humanity

What you despise, is a part of you yet to be recognised
Observing all life, without judgment or the need to define

Unless you go within, you go without
Crystalline presence, an eternal now

Appetite to consume all resources
Competitive to the point of extinction
Cruel and cold are the selfish agenda's
Consequence will be paid for our ignorance

Sabotaged by our selfish obsession
Denying ourselves an experiential lesson
It repeats over and over
Until we change our programmed response